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Kickstarter project incoming - Primary: An Original Artbook Collaboration

“Red is the color of fire and blood. Associated with energy, danger, strength, power, courage, determination, and passion.”

I’m working on an entry for the Pixel and Graphite kickstarter artbook, featuring a self portrait visual representation of Dissociative Identity Disorder, Clawsie, and N'Terra. This art entry will be print exclusive for this book, and I plan on making it one of my yearly achievements in demonstrated skill. When the kickstarter campaign launches, announcements will be made. Please support this kickstarter and buy yourself a wonderful artbook featuring many other wonderful artists. All content in this book will be 100% original, so buying it will likely generate maximum happy feels for everyone involved.

After the campaign, if successful, I plan to sell copies of the book through my own storefront. However, you’ll be missing out on a lot of the great bonus content you’ll have access to in the initial funding phase. So pleasepleaseplease buy it through KS if you can. I may sell the standalone print on my own afterwards, but I’m not sure yet. Please note that previews of the finished piece will only be available after the campaign ends!

Endnote: Always support original artists and content - we work very hard to bring you new and innovative stuff and it’s very important to foster those efforts, as everything you like comes from somewhere new.

Need some existential crisis-inducing "Chapters" swag in your life? Here's the sh*t for you! This gorgeous daisy man is available as your very own sad daisy keychain that you can hang on all your materialistic bullshit possessions~

Each keychain comes with a sturdy spring clasp and the scent of my tears packaged in a beautiful visual specimen, perfect for showing all your friends that you religiously follow a skilled and depressed artist who just wants life to be okay.

Support your local artists and buy something depressing af!


Oh dang I woke up to a frontpage

2017-01-18 10:48:15 by Kerrts

Legit like check this shit out:

I've got mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I got a feature so hell yes.

On the other hand, I literally ripped those texts straight off my phone and cried the entire time. I have no idea what possesed me to make that gif but I did and here we are.

It's been a not so great 2016 and the celeb deaths had nothing to do with it. It was plenty f*cked off for myself. I'm in a safe place now but everything just kinda hurts a lot and I can't even hardly function outside of my new home. I enjoy that my presence here is appreciated but I have so much emotional healing to do.

Sidenote: My convention schedule is forming up for 2017. Incoming February is Visioncon @ Branson MO Convention Center. Come get ya some sweg because fleeing an abusive home kinda wrecks your bank a bit and I am in a pretty uncomfortable financial pinch.

[soft screeing]


2016-04-16 00:29:47 by Kerrts



Lace those skates up and get on the floor, ladies: We're gonna burn up the rink with a new comic featuring roller derby, catgirls and super monster-fighting action. <3!coming-soon/hebod

New Announcements

2016-04-14 11:01:29 by Kerrts

I'll be releasing lots of new character profiles, remodeling old content, and crafting new booth merch for the upcoming 2016 convention season. New cats, new monsters, lots of heck yes. Stay tuned tonight and tomorrow.

I have so much shit to upload

2015-07-02 10:22:30 by Kerrts

Sorry guys, I've been pretty inactive here lately. It'll jump back up soon, though. I've been working my foxy buns off designing the new site and getting merch designs done for upcoming conventions. I got a little overwhelmed but I'm mostly back on track now. Also the whole medical bill thing.

Oh yeah, I had an emergency back surgery three months ago. Don't know how I keep forgetting about that. Everyone's pretty okay though so wheeeeeee! A whole lot of stuff has been going on all at once. Yeah. Ugh.

Eghghehghhehhgghhhh :I


Help me pick the right one!

2015-04-12 12:24:15 by Kerrts

I need your help guys! I'm wanting to enter a local art contest for "Bold and Bright" works, and I can only afford to send one (or MAYBE two) works to the competition. Which one should I take? I can't decide. ;-;


Be sure to view them in my gallery to make sure you've made the right choice. Each is hosted here on newgrounds, and my gallery is still pretty small so it shouldn't be too hard to find them. :3

Thank you and happy Sunday!

Now Archiving Streams!

2015-02-02 13:14:46 by Kerrts

Hey everybody!

Just wanted to let you know that as of yesterday, I have started recording my streams to make into speedsketch videos for those of you who wish to watch the streams but don't have the time to watch several-hour long sessions. The video quality is still a smidge low, but it *will* improve as the test run was a success and I'll be investing in better equipment as soon as the taxes come back. For now, I'm just getting into the habit of the process.

Feel free to leave constructive feedback on the videos, specifically in regards to the techniques I use in SAI and my drawing habits, because I ALWAYS have room to learn better and more effective methods if I can. As far as rating things like music choice and recording tools, that's irrelevant and I really don't give a shit since it's mostly for archival and technical purposes only.

*** Also, I'm looking to collaborate with music artists who would like their songs featured in the videos, as my pool of musician friends is still a smidge shallow. Feel free to pm me if that's something you're interested in. I'm not necessarily looking for "skill" or specific genres as much as rising artists who just want another way to be heard.


I'm heavily considering tying up loose ends as far as webpages go. I'm probably about to abandon and close my FA, HentaiFoundry, and Weasyl accounts. Nobody really goes there anyways so I doubt you're all gonna miss it. I'll just start posting my NSFW content here for archival purposes (none of it wil be available in the Art Portal) and link them to e621 if somebody doesn't beat me to it.


Heads Up: If you don't like super gross porn of unlimited topics, simply turn off your Adult category when you browse my gallery (I exclusively post questionable content there only). Don't bother leaving a comment telling me how much you don't like it because it's "too gross", because you have a filter option and that makes you look a little off. I know some of you don't care for extreme smut, but that's what the filter categories are for: If you don't like looking at gross things, then don't.

*ALERT* Technology Exchange Selling Fake Wacom Graphires

2014-04-22 11:05:19 by Kerrts

I know you guys are artists and I want people to know why I've been so inactive, because my fans and supporters are my lifeblood and I don't want the same thing to happen to you. The whole situation is upsetting on so many levels, and even though I'm getting my money back, I'm still out a wireless tablet and it will continue to be difficult for me to post art because of it.

I'm just gonna copy/paste the whole thing from my dA blog and post it here in this journal, in case you don't want to go to dA. Link to the journal is here --->


So I ordered what was listed as the Wacom Graphire tablet with 2000 dpi and pressure support (Used for $150). What do I get? A fucking Smart Technologies Airliner by Wacom. I have half the mind to go Office Space on this shitboard if it weren't for the fact that I want my damn money back.

Yes, they look the same. NO they are NOT the same. One notable difference is the Airliner is 2-4 f*cking years past its end of service life. Oh, and the 30 dpi and complete lack of pressure control is a real winner too. I was sold a wonderful tablet technology and received a knockoff fake piece of $20 fucking JUNK.

Don't order from Technology Exchange on Amazon. Ever.

I am SO mad right now. I swear to god if that dickbag doesn't give me my money back, I'm gonna shit in a box and send it to his doorstep anyways.

God DAMMIT. I was so hype. For nothing. Fucking shit.


Well apparently Amazon jumped in this morning without me even having to file with them. I guess the reason it was an open-box in the first place was because he already tried to lie and sell it to some other poor sap (who I assume had the same reaction I did when HE opened the box).

I don't even know why you would do that shit a second time, he's just losing money in back-forth shipping fees. That's okay, cause I left a review on both his seller profile AND the wacom tablet page basically indicating that Technology Exchange is selling people fake Wacom Graphires and labeling them as "discount used". I knew he was being a shitbird and it was no mistake when I was told that they don't actually have one in stock.

He knows he lied (twice over the same thing now) and amazon is already taking care of it. TGF Amazon Prime. Don't buy shit from Technology Exchange unless you wanna get a bad fake in the mail. Assholes.


This whole situation has me so upset, because I literally can't use my wired tab without wrecking my knees at the desk. The kids try and climb on me and fight over my lap when I sit at a chair to work on my portfolio and art (They're only a year and a half old, so I can't really "punish" them because they aren't old enough to understand). I know they just wanna cuddle with me and I'm flattered, but it's near impossible to do my stuff when I'm essentially tethered to my desk with a wired tab.

Chainsmoking my poor e-cig to death. Ugh.. *cries* T-T